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In-House Services

Efficiency is just as important off-site, as it is on-site. Here are some of the competencies we have back at the shop...

Pre fabricated light fixtures being held up by a forklift.


Our new off-site warehouse enables us to speed up the design process and get ahead of roadblocks. It allows us to work in parallel to other project tasks.

Building Plans

Building Information Management

The ability to build out electrical work from offices and implement them for electrical construction.

Image of a Murphy Electric yellow vest and yellow hard hat


We provide proper education and training in subjects like CPR, First Aid, and monthly safety training assignment.

Benefits of Off-Site Prefabrication


Having the right resources and time to assure that work is done in the highest quality.

Cuts Time

Having a piece of the work constructed off-site allows for less time spent traveling with deliveries, walking up & down stairs, or having to constantly use the elevator.


Having the ability to work in-parallel with on-site work helps the project get done with high quality and timeliness work.

Cuts Costs

Less time, less traveling, and less resources equates to cutting costs. You'll be getting a high quality product in half the time.

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