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Energy: Video

Energy & Gas

Our energy division specializes in natural gas, propane, CNG, and LNG. With the recent demand for renewable energy, we have added servicing for solar, wind, and battery storage.

Natural Gas

Established in 1997, Murphy Electric & Industrial Control has grown into one of the top preferred electrical contractors servicing the Natural Gas industry in the North East. For 20+ years we have been providing exceptional service to the Natural Gas Industry including both Pipeline Transmission & Local Distribution companies. We offer specialty services including wiring in hazardous locations at Natural Gas Compressor Stations, Liquefied Natural Gas Plants, Meter & Regulation Stations, and Main Line Valve Sites.

Some of our prominent clients include:

Spectra Energy/Enbridge
National Grid
Kinder Morgan Pipeline

Contractors we've partnered with:

Bond Brother
Henkel’s & McCoy
US Pipeline
Northstar Industries

Extensive industry experience has enabled us to construct the following types of facilities:

Compressor Stations
Metering Stations
Regulator Stations
Main Line Valves

We are proud to have installed and maintain the following systems:

Automatic Emergency Plant Shut Down Systems
LNG Pumps
Compressors & VFD’s

Energy: Features

Energy Services

Natural Gas

Servicing commercial solar energy, wind power, and battery storage

Renewable Energy

Servicing commercial solar energy, wind power, and battery storage

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

Electrical and instrumentation Installations, repair, and upgrades of new and or existing compressed natural gas dispensing facilities.

Liquefied Natural Gas & Propane (LNG)

Provide electrical and instrumentation services to all systems associated within a liquified natural gas facility. Providing installations of new systems, upgrades to existing systems repair of equipment and required maintenance throughout the entire facility. 

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